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American Independence: The Second of July

American Independence: The Second of July Towards the end of each calendar year we have a wonderful set of time nebulously referred to as “the holidays.” For most people it begins with Thanksgiving and concludes on New Year’s Day. Of course the center-piece is Christmas and everything that holy day entails. In the summer we should emphasize a similar “holiday season.” I propose that it begin with Juneteenth, newly recognized as a federal holiday that celebrates the freeing of slaves in Texas following the Civil War, and continues through Pioneer Day, a state holiday in Utah celebrating the entry of the full vanguard company of Mormon settlers to the Salt Lake Valley.  Of course the center-piece is Independence Day, which I personally choose to celebrate on the Second of July. Yes, I believe that Independence day is properly celebrated on the Second of July rather than the Fourth. The full story of the Second Continental Congress that declared independence from Great Britain is fascinat