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2022 Utah County Republican Primary

Here are the candidates I support for the Utah County 2022 Republican Primary Election: Amelia Powers Gardner for Commission Seat A Brandon Gordon for Commission Seat B Jeff Gray for County Attorney Rudy Livingston for County Auditor  What follows is an analysis of each race and the candidates, followed by my thoughts on the county positions without primaries and some final thoughts on the process. Commission Seat A: Amelia Powers Gardner Amelia has the vision and skill set that is necessary to continue forward progress in Utah County. She thinks about the future and how technology can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of government while still remaining true to her principles as a small government fiscal conservative.  Meanwhile, Renee Tribe’s biggest talking points are about things she is against rather than what she is for. The county commission has little to no jurisdiction in those matters which include digital driver’s licenses, voting, marriage, etc. The republican nomin